Getting To Know Your Cat Breeds: Aegean – Facts And Fiction


Next in line on our list of breeds is the Aegean, although, I expect very few of you to know what an Aegean is!

The Aegean gets its name from the Aegean Sea and is the world’s only naturally occurring breed of domesticated cat. Hailing from Greece, the Aegean is a medium sized, moggy-looking cat with little worry for health or behavioral issues. Natural selection has weeded out many genetic health issues that plague designer breeds, and has produced one of the hardiest cats around.

They are muscular with a medium-length coat comprising of two or more colors, including ginger, black, blues, browns, tabby and more, but ALL Aegeans have white in common – covering at least ¼ of their body! Their eyes are a beautiful almond shape and again come in an array of colors, and overall, they’re quite an attractive breed.

Given their coastal location over countless generations, they have an affinity for water, enjoying it for fishing, or a bit of a play. They are social, lively, playful and intelligent, and can even be accused of enjoying their own voice a little too much! The only domesticated cat in existence to boast having no human intervention in its evolution, the have developed into loving companions that any cat fancier would love to share their homes and hearts with.


But, sadly for most of us, this breed was yet to be recognized by Cat Fancy Councils as a “breed” in 2015, and this means that we will be hard-pressed to buy one here in the States. At this stage it appears that the only way to obtain one of these beautiful cats is to holiday in Greece and bring one home with you.

Anyone up for a holiday?? Maybe check out the video from Animal Planet first.[mashshare]

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