Cat Superstitions – Ancient Devilry Or Are They True?


Sneezing Cat

In Italy, they believe that if a person hears a cat sneezing, good luck is coming their way. Further to this, in wedding traditions, if a household cat sneezes near the bride on the morning of her wedding day, it is believed that the marriage will be a happy one.

Weather Forecasters


Different types of cat body language is said to be a weather forecasting tool for some people. For example, if your cat is looking out the window, it is looking for rain. Another body language is that when your cat sits with their back to the fire, a storm or a frosty weather could be approaching. Another ancient ritual is that cats, being the evil creatures that they can be, if a person is begging for rain to come, they would throw a cat into the sea so that the cat can perform its curse.

These are just some of the many cat superstitions that are out there. It is not bad to believe in such things but then again, using cats or hurting cats just to prove this crazy and unproven superstition is certainly not the thing to do. As we know, cats are not evil creatures at all, they are just misunderstood by some. Check out the video below from Cole and Marmalade, then you make up your own mind about these beliefs and superstitions.

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Little Binky and Granny

I think all cats bring Good Luck, no matter what color they have. Granny was very superstitious when she was younger, she was raised like that, but found out that what you believe will come true, so she changed her mind into positive thoughts and let the cat be whoever he was 😀 Great post, kitties! Pawkisses for a Happy Day 🙂 <3