Getting To Know Your Cat Breeds: Abyssinian – Facts And Fiction


Due to visitor feedback and requests, I have decided to do a little write up on each of the many recognized breeds of cats. I hope that you all find something interesting in these articles. You never know, you might discover your new best friend!

I’m going to start with the Abyssinian, or “Abby” as their admirers know them.

The Abyssinian is sleek, agile, and intelligent cat, with many a fan in its corner. With a heritage that goes back to Egypt, you can understand why these cats believe that they are the Gods that the Egyptians spoke of.

According to some records, it’s said that the breed is the result of a pairing between an Egyptian female called “Zula”, and an English tabby, (name unknown), as allowed by their British owner. Apparently he then bred the kitten that he found most appealing back to Zula, it’s mother, in an effort to further pronounce the breed. This resulted in the Abyssinian’s that we know them as today.


It’s thought that all Abby’s across the Americas, Europe, and Australia are descendants of Zula! How’s that for a family tree?

A small to medium, limber breed, the Abby is bright, adventurous, and best suited to those who are willing to play with and stimulate the cat to keep its mind happy. Weighing in at an around 8-11 lbs depending on sex, this “average-sized” cat is anything but, with its exotic features and love for fun set to keep you entertained for 12-15yrs.

They’re an incredibly intelligent breed, capable of learning many commands and games with the right training. Most will readily play fetch (or rather, train YOU to play), but they’re also very independent, so if it’s not something they’re interested in, you can forget about it!

They’re extremely playful and painfully curious, often being found exploring their surroundings from the highest possible vantage points – be it your shoulder, your bookcase, or your roof! They’re affectionate and loving, but are not couch potatoes and will generally form a close bond with only a single member of the family, choosing to spend small amounts of down time smooching with said “chosen one” alone.

While dog-like in much of their behavior, the Abby is still highly motivated by their feline instincts and will welcome opportunities to hunt and stalk objects (or creatures) that take their interest. Because of this, they are not always ideal outdoor cats as they will readily hunt the neighbors pets or local wildlife.[mashshare]

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