Kitty Christmas Capers – Does This Festive Fun Sound Familiar?


It’s that time of year again. The streets are busier; children are filled with excitement; turkeys around the world are hoping that the world’s population have switched to vegetarianism. All the while in our homes, boxes of decorations are being dragged out of the attic, trees are being hauled home through the snow, and our cats are watching on in anticipation!

That’s right, it’s Christmas!

I find that there’s something special – albeit, occasionally annoying – about sharing Christmas time with cats; watching their little faces as they stare entranced by lights flickering on the tree; watching as they choose their bauble “kill” and hunt it around the house. Sounding familiar?

We erected our tree last night, and our cats were quick to inspect. The lights were sniffed, the baubles were tapped, and the tree itself was climbed. This was followed with swift hisses from my husband in an effort to protect his hard work!


Who else can relate to the fun that December brings? I know that these cats can!

I loved watching this video – so many adorable moments have been captured in the one-minute film. Bauble games, sniper action, dress ups, and who can go past new toys?

Our own cats have always found more entertainment in the discarded wrappings from our children’s’ gifts than they have their own, but we buy them toys nonetheless. Last year it was a packet of treats and a selection of new toys, but this year we have plans for a selection of teasers with balls, feathers, and other goodies. With any luck they will bring Christmas joy to our fur and human babies alike!

So what is Santa bringing for your furry friend this Christmas? An elf suit? A new scratching tree? A whole box of mouse toys? Whatever the gift, I am sure that they will thank you with the love, cuddles, and gratitude that you – oh, hold on. We’re talking about CATS. Scrap that. You’ll be met by the same aloof and thankless face that we somehow manage to love![mashshare]

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