Kitty Christmas Commercial – Tempting Treats Or Tempting Terror?


Christmas time brings out some of the most entertaining commercials that we will see each year. Everything from cars, to toys, and even funeral homes! (Yes, believe me, I have seen it! LOL)

So that got me googling: what about cat commercials? Surely there has got to be some great ones out there! Well, I have found one that, (I believe), you can’t miss! Oh my gosh, is this the best cat treat commercial ever, or what? I have watched this about three times now, and I’ll admit that I’m both going back for a fourth, and sharing it on Facebook!

Cats are fascinated by everything that is Christmas – the lights, the decorations, the moving toys, the crinkles of the paper – so much so that this treat company, (whose treats my cats LOVE, I must add!), have used this to their advantage in producing one of the best Christmas commercials going around!

I don’t know about you, but I can almost FEEL the anticipation of the film crew as they waited for each cat to be in position – attention caught – before pressing that titillating release button! Then the cats off and racing their way into Cat Heaven!


I loved following the path of destruction as curiosity got the better of them – something to which we can ALL relate. The broken glassware, chewed decorations, scarves pulled to the ground and then …. What was that? … (*Shake, shake, shake*) And they’re gone as quickly as they appeared – with a scene akin to that of a disaster area being all that is left behind.

I can attest to the response that this brand claims to have from our feline friends on this commercial; our cats come running from wherever they are in the house! They purr at our feet and rub at our legs as they wait for their treats to be given before bed. But would they really come if they were face by a Christmas scene as shown in this film? Of that, I’m not convinced. (Oh, come on! There’s a whole roast turkey there!) But judge for yourself, and have a laugh while you’re there. You might even find a new treat for your cat’s stocking this Christmas. LOL.[mashshare]

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2 years ago

I missed this one! Too cute! My cat used to love sleeping in our Christmas Tree! LOL