Research Proven Fact That Might Just Be The Opposite To What You Think


Charlie Bear is head-butting my arm as I write this, his furred face pushing into me with increasing pressure, presumably wanting a scratch or some other kind of attention. I wonder what he’s thinking of me as I sit here in front of this large, brightly lit book on my lap, my fingers appearing to tap and play, but no apparently glee on my face. Okay, he’s given up now, slumping down beside me with a dissatisfied huff. I think it’s safe to say he thinks I’m a disappointment LOL.

But seriously, why do they think of us? Are we slaves to them? Are we equals? Despite their show of apparent superiority, do they actually consider us their masters? Well I’m here to try and shed some light on this subject for you.

Over the years, many studies have been undertaken to try and understand cat behavior and its meaning. Their habits have held us captivated since the dawn of time, and I, for one, have been at their paw-and-call for all too long. But as it turns out, studies have suggested that cats, in fact, consider us as over-sized, malleable yet superior, mother substitutes! What the?!

Ancestors of the domestic cats that we know and love today were solitary creatures, and the only time that they socialized was as kittens with their mothers. This has led some researchers to deduce that most social behaviors must have started as mother/kitten interactions.[mashshare]


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