Have You Ever Wondered What Our Cats Think Of Us? … Mmmm Interesting.


Do you ever find yourself enraptured as you sit and watch your cat, (or cats), play? Watching as they run around at break-neck speed, pouncing and darting, leaping from floor to almost any height they so choose? Who am I kidding? Of course you do. That’s why you’re here with me! They’re fascinating to watch, and I have lost countless hours to watching my fur babies enjoy what it is to be a cat.

We’re so fortunate to share our daily lives with these distant relatives of the big cats of the world, watching as they explore their environments and make the most of every day. Cats never miss a moment to do whatever it is that they love most, whether that be sleeping, chasing butterflies, or wrestling with friends. We should all aspire to be more like the pets we love and care for; to enjoy every moment. To never waste a minute. To live life for the meow. I mean, now.

But what do they think of US? I can’t decide if our cats love us, or think that we’re completely crazy: we don’t spend our days loitering in the supermarkets hollering at the staff to feed us. We don’t perform tribal dances in the bathroom before toileting – and we don’t throw toilet paper everywhere when we’re done! We don’t push our bottoms in our friends and family’s faces by means of displaying affection, and we don’t seem to find any amusement in the small pieces of plastic and paper that are often found on the floor. We seem constantly absorbed in small handheld devices that show moving pictures and make noise, and have no ability to put our legs behind our neck to clean our private parts. But worse – much worse: we seem to be interested in creatures other than cats. How can this be?

But maybe there is hope for us. As I write this, our smaller Maine Coon, Emerald, has placed herself between my husband and I, and, after a small dance of repeated flicks in his face with her tail, my husband now has a black cat snuggled against his thigh. Perhaps they are prepared to overlook our shortcomings as non-cats and love us anyway.

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That black of yours is quite friendly. My black cat is not like that. Do you think we can cat swap for a bit?


My cat loves his daddy to, so much so,that he jumps up in to his his arms when he comes trow the door.