6 Healthy Alternative Treats For Your Cats That Not Many People Know About



Vegetables are very healthy for people because we are considered to be omnivores, meaning we can eat both meat and vegetables/plants. But cats are considered to be carnivores, they get most of their nutrients from meat.

However, fiber can be the most helpful nutrient that a cat can get from vegetables and plants. In addition to fiber, cats also use plants for some other helpful things. We know that cats love to lick themselves and that results in a lot of hair stuck in their mouth, stomach or throat resulting in hairballs. When they want to throw up something like a hairball, cats often chew on grass.

Remember, that meat makes up the primary diet of cats, but introduce some vegetables/plant matter into their diet wouldn’t hurt, so long as you don’t replace meat as their main food.


The next special treat could almost replace meat as a fantastic source of protein.  Continue to the next page…

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