6 Healthy Alternative Treats For Your Cats That Not Many People Know About


Fish oil

Cats simply love fish.  It is almost that cliched natural food source for cats. They seem to absolutely love the taste of fish. Just like meat, egg and cheese, fish is an excellent source of protein. But, just like everything else we’ve talked about here, it should form part of a balanced diet.

Some fish contain harmful elements like mercury which is highly toxic. On the other hand, the most beneficial part of fish is actually the fish oil, so we want to give our cats the type of fish that is rich in fish oil providing a good source of omega 3. These fatty acids are a beneficial supplement to your cat’s diet. Adding fish oil to your cat’s dinner bowl may be a safer way to give them this valuable nutrient.[mashshare]

So, what is number 6? Could it be something exotic? Fine dining perhaps? Can’t wait to find out.  Continue to the next page…


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