6 Healthy Alternative Treats For Your Cats That Not Many People Know About


Raw Meat

As already mentioned a few times now, cats are a carnivorous animal. That is why meat is probably the safest food that you can give to them.

Most packaged cat food contain cooked meat, which is generally good for your cat, but sometimes cooking meat removes a lot of the nutrients. In the wild, however, your cat would be hunting fresh raw meat.

Giving your cat raw meat from time to time, could relieve the humdrum of the same daily cat food experience. But be aware, as some meat can give your cats intestinal worms and other infections. It doesn’t mean that raw meats is bad for them, you just need to know that it is fresh and where the meat has come from, like your local butcher.


Cats also love to be rewarded. Giving them treats every time they did something good, may help to “train” your cat to better behaviors and practices. But we can’t give them junk food.

We should consider the beneficial aspect of the treats we give to our feline friends. If you scour the internet, you will find other healthy snacks and treat suggestions that you can give to your cat like apple, blueberries, spinach and even some breads.

It is not bad to give them some snacks once in a while to help relieve the boredom of the same old food everyday; just be careful of its nutritional content and how much you give them. Give them just enough to satisfy their needs and cravings.

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