Am I Seeing Double … Or A Ghost?


Genetic manipulation. Despite its years of study and publicity, it’s still an incredibly taboo subject. The idea of genetically tweaking your future children – would you like “blonde hair with blue eyes, or green?” Twins, or triplets? Boy, or girl? – is still considered controversial to say the least. But some genetic science has still been welcomed in spite of its sister trials. Things like genetic testing for disease or disabilities, for example.

But where are we at on cloning – or more specifically, pet cloning? How would you feel about the opportunity to live time over again with your beloved pet when they pass? Would you jump at the opportunity, or run?

Well, did you know that there is a company who offers this both controversial, yet exciting, process right here in the US now? Let me introduce you to ViaGen – a company who started out life in 2002 as a livestock cloning company, and who expanded in 2015 to include cats and dogs.

A cloned cat – can you imagine it? Fluffy-bug coming back to live her life with you as though she had never left. Creepy for some, but a dream come true for so many others who struggle each day with their loss.[mashshare]


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