Am I Seeing Double … Or A Ghost?


But many of us would have questions, and top of that list is, “What exactly is a cloned cat?” On ViaGen’s website, they answer with the following:

“We know that many cat owners have questions about cat cloning. A cloned cat is simply a genetic twin of your current cat, born at a later date in time. Cat cloning does not change the genetic make-up of your cat and does not involve any genetic modification. Your cloned cat will share many of the most important attributes of your current cat, including appearance, intelligence and temperament. Your cloned cat will be just as healthy and live just as long as your current cat, and is no more susceptible to health issues than any other cat.”

Intrigued? Have a watch of this educational video, or jump on their website:


While the world might not be ready for US to live forever, there’s no reason why your beloved cat can’t <3[mashshare]

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