Getting To Know Your Cat Breeds: American Bobtail – Facts And Fiction


The American Bobtail: a loving and intelligent breed whose genetic makeup lies in the naturally occurring bobtails of the feral cat population. That’s right: there are no pedigreed breeds hiding in the family trees of these felines. They are social, robust, and bare a strong resemblance to the bobtailed wildcat; their wild appearance attracting dedicated breeders from all over the country to develop the breed into the beautiful cat that we know and love today.

Despite their naturally bobbed tail, they are quite expressive, using their tails to swish, wag, and shiver just as an ordinary cat would. They are quiet by nature, but communicate their happiness with chirps, trills, and clicks. A truly unique cat, the American Bobtail is adored by its fans.

They love the home environment, finding friends in cats and dogs alike, readily welcoming newcomers, and bonding strongly with their families. They are incredibly playful, spending hours on end entertaining themselves (and their owners), with antics and games as they practice their strong hunting instincts and trot toys around the home like prey. They are extremely clever, learning new skills and adapting to new situations well, and are often seen walking besides their humans on a lead.

A medium to large cat, they come in a wide variety of coat patterns and colors in both dense and short, and medium to long lengths, but the most sought after a naturally “wild” appearance. After all, who wouldn’t want a miniature wildcat in their home! A regular brush will keep both coat lengths healthy, and they can even be trained to tolerate a bath. They are muscular, athletic, and are weightier than they first appear!


Thanks to their natural development in “feral environments”, this breed is hardy, healthy, and enjoys a long life into its mid teens or above. So, though if you’re looking for an instantly large companion, the American Bobtail may not be for you, (the breed takes around two to three years to mature into their adult size, with females almost always smaller than their male counterparts), if you’re wanting a loyal, loving cat who will always be there for you, look into the American Bobtail. Your wild cat is waiting for you <3[mashshare]

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