Getting To Know Your Cat Breeds: American Longhair – Facts And Fiction


The American Longhair, or Domestic Longhair, is a common breed found throughout the United States. Effectively a mutt or mongrel cat, (meaning that its genetic makeup is not from one particular breed, but rather many), they have developed into a well-rounded, well-loved cat by all.

With coats available in lengths from two to six inches, if you’re considering an American Longhair, be sure to have quality brushes on hand as you’ll need to brush your kitty several times a week. It molts its thick coat regularly, and matts without effort, so accustom your kitten to grooming when young and you will be set for life.

Because of its extensive genetic pool, the American Longhair has little health concerns and usually lives well into their teens. A cat that can come in almost any shape, size, temperament, and coat color, no two American Longhairs are ever exactly alike.

The American Longhair has adapted readily to life in a home environment, enjoying the company of their fellow two and four-legged family – in most instances. Like with all things, on occasion a cat can be found to be too exuberant, too shy, or too cranky for the home that they’ve landed in, but patience is the key to most behavioral difficulties.


Found across all parts of America, the American Longhair can trace its roots back to the first “mousers” to ever land on American soil, with many of their ancestors spoken of in books, papers, and nowadays, in movies. They are a well-rounded and attractive breed who are often good hunters, attentive, and happy to lounge with their humans when given the opportunity.

So if you’re looking for an “all-rounder” who is readily available and oftentimes beautiful to boot, the American Longhair could be the one for you.[mashshare]

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