Getting To Know Your Cat Breeds: American Wirehair – Facts And Fiction


Time to talk about the next breed on our amazing list of the beautiful cats available: the American Wirehair.

The American Wirehair first showed its fuzzy little face to the world in 1966 when it appeared in a litter of farm cats in upstate New York. A spontaneous mutation, it was unlike its littermates, sporting a wiry coat, wiry whiskers, higher cheekbones, and a quieter disposition. And, in fact, all American Wirehairs of today can be traced back to that original kitty!

The first American Wirehair was born from two American Shorthaired parents, and as a result, it’s still acceptable for Wirehair breeders to outcross to a Shorthair to widen the genetic pool for this unique breed. But being a spontaneous mutation, they are very uncommon, and a Wirehair has not naturally occurred again since the original birth in 1966.

But how are there so many across the country today? Well, the Wirehair gene is dominant, and this means that approximately half of a litter will have a wired coat. The quality of the coat and its density results directly from the quality of their parents; the harder their coat, the better their kittens will be.


The American Wirehair is a quiet breed, tending towards reserved, but still incredibly loving of their human slaves. They have proven easy to care for, their coats requiring little attention, and their temperament being far from demanding. And given their roots in naturally occurring American Shorthairs, they are hardy and resistant to many diseases.

Overall, the Wirehair is a calm natured, quiet cat with a unique look that is sure to please. So if you’re looking for your next kitten, but would like something as unique as you are, the American Wirehair could be the right cat for you.[mashshare]

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