A Big Amusement Park For Your Cat … But Is It A Place Of Fun, Or A Place Of Harm?


Aside from sleeping and eating, the only essential part of a cat’s daily routine is to play. But, as an owner, are you sure that you are using the right toy for your cat? How will you know if the toy you are using won’t be harmful to them? Check out the video and see a fantastic 3-in-1 cat toy. It ticks all the boxes as far as I’m concerned!

Cats are known to be quite a playful animal and they consider almost everything as a toy. Virtually anything, small or large can become a toy for your feline friend. However, we should be aware of some of the risks, to make sure we keep them well away from our cats.

Choking hazards.

You must be careful in choosing a toy especially the ones that can easily come apart into small pieces. These little pieces can become a choking hazard for cats. They can easily swallow a piece. Same goes for things like chains and bracelets. The string-like nature of these and quite often shiny-ness of them are very attractive to cats, but once again, they quite often contain things like beads that can come off.


Thanks to the website: http://www.catbehaviorassociates.com, I found out that a cat’s tongue has backward-facing barbs that help remove parasites and dead hair from its coat. The barbs also help to rasp meat from the bones of their prey. It’s very efficient for that purpose, but hazardous if your friendly feline happens to swallow something that it shouldn’t. By design, once it goes in, it’s not meant to come back out again.

Sharp Objects.

Just like you wouldn’t give a baby a sharp object to play with, cats should be kept well away from the same. Quite often a kitchen knife, or a pair of scissors catch the light, and will catch your cat’s attention.  Make sure these objects are stored responsibly, out of reach of prying paws.

In your cat’s eyes, your house is a like a big amusement park, and they can’t wait to try every ride. They have no boundaries when it comes to trying things out. So, it is up to us as responsible cat parents to keep them away from harm. The video shows a great example of a clever cat toy. There are 3 toys in one. I want to get one for my kitty for Christmas.

Playtime should be fun… NOT HARMFUL.[mashshare]

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