This Cat Will Do Anything To Get Tipsy


It’s funny how cats are obsessed with items that we’ve seen fit to throw away. My cats find fun in candy wrappers, ice-cream wrappers, small balls of paper, the clips off fresh bread, twist ties, and pipe cleaners! Send the cats into our daughter’s room and they’ll be gone for hours!

But the quirkiest fetish is Q-Tips: those tiny, plastic sticks with cotton wool at each end that I use for my make-up. Now, I’m not a big make-up user – a bit of mascara and I’m done – but I can’t stand those marks that can be found lingering on our eyelids. So out with the Q-Tips it is as I clean away the proof that I’m anything but a skilled make-up artist 😉

I would come home to find Q-Tips strewn about the floor, and for the longest time I blamed our son. A three year old who’s into everything seems a likely suspect, right? But then, as the weeks wore on, they were no longer just “strewn”. They were chewed, and my suspicions changed. (Yes, though my son is a typical “let’s explore everything!” boy, he’s not a chewer.)

So I set a trap. I left the pack of Q-Tips on the bathroom bench and waited. I waited, and waited, and I waited. And come late afternoon, I had a suspect! Charlie, our Maine Coon, wandered past me, cool as a cucumber as he made his way towards the bait. He sniffed the air, looked around, and in an instant he stood beside the open pack of buds. I watched, eyes narrowed, as his velvety paw “tap, tap, tapped” at the lid, loosening the goodies inside. A white mitten reached inside and in a single flick, three buds tumbled to the ground.


Ah-ha! I had my culprit! “Charlie!” I hissed at the startled lump before he leapt back to the floor and took off. From that day forth, the Q-Tips now live in a drawer 😉 (Human: one, Cat: zero!)

But given the sudden deprivation, Charlie’s need for a “Q-Tip hit” grew, and he became reduced to foraging surreptitiously through the bathroom bin. (Thank goodness there’s nothing in there but my make-up buds!) I’ll wander into the bathroom only to find the floor scattered with chewed evidence, but a securely closed bin, and even now I’ve not been able to catch him at it.

They’re stubborn, persistent, and oh so smart! But no matter how cheeky they are, we can’t help but love our cats.[mashshare]

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