Getting To Know Your Cat Breeds: Arabian Mau – Facts And Fiction


Our series of introductions to the available cat breeds of today’s fancy continues with the Arabian Mau.

The Arabian Mau is a naturally occurring domestic cat, which calls the Arabian Peninsular home. You will find these cats roaming the streets and deserts of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates just as they have done for over 1000 years!

A naturally occurring street cat, they are outgoing, intelligent, and unafraid, spending the daylight hours sleeping through the Middle Eastern heat of their natural environment to ensure they are energized and ready for the night of hunting ahead.

An attractive and elegant cat, they’re a fine to medium build, with long legs, and oval, slanted eyes. They have gorgeous, pronounced ears, which only add to their exotic look, and are said to have developed this way to help disperse heat and keep them cool.


Well adapted to the deserts through which they roam, they lack an undercoat as a means of further coping with the heat, and this makes them even easier to groom! They come in a range of coat colors, with tabbies, reds, browns, and silvers quite common.

An active breed with energy to burn due to such recent domestication, playtime and mental stimulation is of the upmost importance if you wish for your Arabian Mau to enjoy their time in the family home. Things like cat trees, toys, and opportunities to run and (pretend) hunt will help keep your kitty happy as a clam. They have minimal health concerns as a result of hundreds of generations of natural selection, and adapt to most new situations with ease.

So, if you’re heart is set on an exotic cat, but without the fuss of health or anxiety issues, the Arabian Mau could be just what you’ve been waiting for![mashshare]

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