Cat Superstitions – Ancient Devilry Or Are They True?


Many people young and old believe in superstitions. Whether these superstitions are true or not, people seem to believe that they are real. I thought that I would look a little closer at this topic, in particular, superstitions relation to our furry feline friends.

In ancient times (and maybe even now by some) cats are considered to be the pet of the Gods. That is why even the smallest movement of a cat seems to have a lot of superstitious meaning for the people around them, even its color.

Black Cat Is Considered A Sign Of Bad Luck

Black is a pretty normal color for a cat, but some people consider it as something more – even sinister. This is one of the most common superstition of cats.


When you are on your way to work or home, and you saw a black cat passing your way, it is believed that you will encounter bad luck for the rest of the day. This is one of the oldest beliefs, but still, it is the most believed.

As a contradiction to this superstition, a lesser known superstition is if school children happen to see a white cat while they are on their way to school, it will mean bad luck. To change their luck, they often spit (ahh gross) or make a sign of the cross (let’s stick to this one, shall we?).

Another superstition related to the color of cats is, some Americans believe that a grey, white and black cat bought good luck.[mashshare]

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Little Binky and Granny
Little Binky and Granny
3 years ago

I think all cats bring Good Luck, no matter what color they have. Granny was very superstitious when she was younger, she was raised like that, but found out that what you believe will come true, so she changed her mind into positive thoughts and let the cat be whoever he was 😀 Great post, kitties! Pawkisses for a Happy Day 🙂 <3