At The Heart Of Our Menagerie


I love animals. I know that that’s a statement thrown around loosely these days, but gee, I mean it. I have a love for animals – big and small – that sees my house more closely classified as a menagerie than a human home LOL. We have fish, reptiles, bunnies, a bird, and of course, our two beautiful dogs. (Yes, Jasper and Mazikeen. I’m talking about you both! You cute, furry little terrors! [I say of a Beagle and German Shepherd LOL!)

I’m bonded closely with all of our pets. They’re my close friends; they’re what get me through tough times. I love them all dearly. But at the heart of this “menagerie” are our cats. There’s something special about the bond that we, as humans, develop with felines, and it’s a bond that doesn’t seem possible to replicate with any other living thing.

Each bond is different in it’s depth and complexity; with our birds, or our dogs. We interact with them differently, and as a result, so too do they with us. But cats? *sigh* Oftentimes I feel that they are my soul animal.

Obviously it’s not easy to bond with the ones that hold us at leg’s length – the ones who hiss, and spit, and who spend their days sharpening their claws in the hope to connect with your face LOL. You know, the ones who are plotting to kill you?? LOL. But the ones who trust us, who need us, the ones who reciprocate our love for them; they’re the ones with whom we can develop that bond, and it’s one that we will keep with us always – whether they’re still with us or not.


We are fortunate to have the opportunity to share our hearts and homes with them. Check out these “adorable” kitties showing off their (not so) nice sides …[mashshare]

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