Getting To Know Your Cat Breeds: Australian Mist – Facts And Fiction


Next up on our list of cat breeds is the Australian Mist; a mid-sized cat who boasts the best qualities from several different breeds. The end result of generations of selective breeding by Dr. Truda Straede, the Australian Mist is known for its intelligence, calm nature, and robust health – oh, and of course, its adorable face. A dash of Burmese, a splash of Abysinnian, and a pinch of the Australian domestic shorthair, or “moggy”, comes together in this beautiful breed that was officially recognized in around 1985.

Now, although there aren’t many Australian Mists registered within the United States, they’re definitely a breed to consider if you’re looking for a loving, personable, indoor family cat! With breeders in the UK beginning to realize the potential of these wonderful cats, it’s only a matter of time before they begin to appear on American soil.

Mists are available in a variety of colors including brown, gold, peach, lilac, chocolate, and blue, with swirls or spots on the body, and rings or bars on their tails. They watch you with large, expressive, green eyes, and their short, thick coat needs little maintenance.

The Australian Mist is a perfect choice for anyone – particularly families with children of all ages – as they tolerate cuddles, play, and attention well, and are known to very rarely scratch. They LOVE their human companions and will happily stay indoors, making the decision to keep your cat safely inside an easy one. As with most breeds, they make for excitable kittens, but with ages comes (some!) maturity, and you can enjoy their social, lovable personalities for up to 15 years. (Think of a warm lap on cold nights. That sums up the Australian Mist nicely!)


Check out the video from Animal Planet. You’ll see that they are playful and inquisitive, loving and attentive. In all, they make for the perfect house cat. Now all you have to do is go and track one down![mashshare]

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