How To Avoid Getting All In A Flap Over Cat Doors


Cat flaps have become a very popular way to allow cats the freedom to wonder in and out of the house without needing your help to open and close the doors for them. They’re brilliant! If only you can get the cat to actually use it!

Some cats just take to a cat flap almost instantly, whereas other cats need to be shown, coaxed, shoved or dragged through. Some discover that you can go out through the flap, but don’t realize that they can also come back in through it. I thought that it might make for an interesting article to discover some techniques and suggestions for training your cat on how to use a cat flap.

The most important objective during this learning exercise is for it to be a positive experience for the cat. You don’t want it to be unpleasant for your fussy feline that they get turned off – which makes the learning all the more difficult.

I visited a number of sites that discuss this very topic and most of them suggest that the first step should be to train your kitty to first go through the hole in the door (without the flap). This might mean removing the flap (if you can) or somehow taping it up to keep the hole clear.


Then use treats to encourage your cat through the hole, back and forth until it seems very confident in doing so. You may need to start by using treats to lead up to the hole, in the hole and then on the other side. Eventually, just have the treats on the other side of the hole. Make sure you do this both ways – in and out.[mashshare]

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