Time To Visit The Veterinarian … Avoid The Stress For Everyone With These Tips


It is pretty safe to say that most cats do not enjoy their trip to the veterinarian. The journey there and the actual visit can be a nightmare if your cat is terrified or being unruly. However regular veterinarian visits are an essential part of caring for your cat. So how do you keep your cat calm and make the whole experience a lot more enjoyable for both you and them.

This first point may seem a little obvious but make sure you have a cat carrier, it will make your life so much easier and will ensure that your cat’s trip to the veterinarian is a safe one.

Make sure that the carrier is as comfortable for your cat as possible, your cat should be able to stand up and move around while inside, filling it with bedding that the cat is familiar with should also help. However, no matter how comfortable you make the carrier for your cat, they probably still won’t enjoy it very much.

In the days leading up to the visit place the carrier in the same general area as you cat and place some treats inside. Hopefully this helps your cat become accustomed to its carrier and it doesn’t seem so scary once the day arrives.


While your cat may be getting used to its carrier there is another aspect of the veterinary trip that they may not enjoy, the car. For many cats the trip to the veterinary is the only time they are ever in their owner’s car. It is best to take your cat on short car rides so that they can become accustomed to the car beforehand and are not so terrified once the day arrives.

Hopefully these tips help both you and your cat have a more enjoyable trip to the veterinarian, however whether the trip is enjoyable or not the most important thing is to ensure that your beloved feline is healthy. [mashshare]

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