Awesome Way To Work Off All That Energy – And Stay Fit


Hands up if you’ve seen a mouse running on a wheel? You? You? What about you over there? No? What about a hamster then? Come on. Hands up! Nice one. Now, what about a CAT running on a wheel? (I can almost hear crickets chirping.) Well ready yourself for the bizarre!

Cats are active, energetic creatures by nature. They’re designed to hunt, climb, run, pounce! But all too often they end up doing very little in our homes and can quickly become overweight, the excess weight putting pressure on the small skeletal frames designed with the lithe feline in mind.

So what do we do about it? How do we make sure that our cats get the exercise that they need?

I’ve seen people add to their cat family with other cats in a hope that it would incite activity in the first. I’ve seen owners fill their homes with toys, trying to entice their cats into action with squeaky mice, feather wands, and balls on the end of string. I’ve even seen cats on harnesses, walking the streets at the end of a lead, interacting with the great big world outside in a safe and controlled way as their owners wander along behind them. But up until about 10 minutes ago, I had never, EVER seen a cat on a running wheel.


This owner has taken their Bengal’s need for exercise to a whole new level, providing it with a running wheel on which it can burn its excess calories! I’d imagine that the original training would have involved some sort of dangling toy or treat on the end of a stick to encourage the kitty forward, but now it appears to love it because it does!

So what do you think? Could you spare the space in your home for cat wheel? You might be one of the lucky ones whose cat actually use it!! Or, worse case, your cat has a new cubby-house in which to sleep. LOL![mashshare]

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