Getting To Know Your Cat Breeds: Bambino – Facts And Fiction

Image Source: Animal Planet: Cats 101

Next stop along our tour of Meet the Breeds is the Bambino – the Daschund of the cat world! The Bambino is a quirky looking kitty, with two of the rarest genes in the world of feline genetics: hairlessness, and short legs. And, should you be fortunate enough to own one, you will know that this collaboration makes for an entertaining pet!

The Bambino came about in around 2005 by bringing together the Sphynx and the Munchkin in a selective breeding program, and because of their kitten-like appearance, the resulting breed was dubbed the Italian name for “baby”: Bambino.

Unlike the little-legged hotdogs of the puppy family, Daschunds, the Bambinos don’t suffer from back problems. They are quite simply a full-sized cat, only short. (They say that good things come in small packages, right?)

Often bald in appearance, and with a low profile, the Bambino has prominent ears which often sport a small tuft of fur at the tips, and large, expressive, almond shaped eyes. Some Bambinos will have a fine covering of tiny hairs which sit close to their skin, making for an almost peach-like feel when petted.


Though they don’t sport much of a coat, they require the occasional bath to help keep their skin free of excess oils which could cause them problems. And if they’re getting cold in Winter, you get to dress them in adorable little jackets!! It’s like dress ups, but for adults! LOL

They’re a playful and mischievous cat, full of personality despite their small size. They’ll gladly go for car rides, will run, climb, and jump, are extremely out going, and love meeting new people!

So if you’re looking for a cat who will truly make a statement in your home, while being the center of your family’s life, the Bambino could be the one for you.[mashshare]

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Viktoria Varnikova
Viktoria Varnikova
2 years ago

It’s extremely rare and unique breed. I learned about it from the article But it was extremely difficult to find a good breeder! But I did it.