The Benefits Of Grooming Your Cat Are Greater Than You Might Think


I never used to put much stock in the idea of grooming cats. They groom themselves, right? It’s said that the average cat spends around five hours a day cleaning – not to mention 16 sleeping! Surely that means that I don’t need to spend my time brushing them, too?

Well, our newest addition – Charlie the Maine Coon – is the laziest cat I have ever known, and this means that he NEVER grooms. Get out the brushes and insert *groan* here.

But maybe I could get away with it? Just, well, maybe cats don’t need that much grooming? So I thought I’d ask the Veterinarian.

“What are the potential implications of an un-groomed cat?” Their response? Knots, dandruff, skin irritations, poor coat and skin condition, not to mention the potential to overlook health issues such as injuries, weight loss, fleas, or infections.


Okay, I get it; I really should be grooming Charlie Bear.

So, reluctantly, I started – and it turns out that grooming my cat isn’t the horrific, time-wasting experience that I had thought! It’s actually quite enjoyable – for both Charlie and myself! But during the process, I discovered mats forming, and knots on his tail, and I realized that my ignorance was borderline neglect.

A few days of regular grooming revealed Charlie’s favorite times for a brush: after meals, and before bed for the night. The trick was to relax him during cuddles, and then switch our hands for a bush. The resulting purrs spoke volumes, and we’ve reaped many benefits ourselves! There is less hair deposited, well, EVERYWHERE, and our allergy-suffering friends have found some mild respite when visiting. These, in combination with the newfound cuddle time, has made “grooming” a welcome addition to our daily routine.

There’s a HUGE range of brushes, combs and clippers available, and I’ll talk about them another time. But don’t be afraid to talk with the experts when you next visit the veterinarian or pet store. They’ll be sure to point you in the right direction.

Check out this video of a cat being groomed, it’s hard to say whether or not they are enjoying the experience, but definitely beneficial.[mashshare]

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3 years ago

My cat Callie loves to be brushed and will come at a run when I hold up the brush for her to see! She use to growl and try to claw me in the beginning. Now it is soothing for both of us and I enjoy it so much, I invite her over whenever I need to lower my blood pressure. SMILE! Keep up the good work.