Santa Visits The Big Cats Too! Mmmm … What A Festive Feast Those Reindeer Will Be.


I took my children to the Zoo today, and as with each time that we go, the first exhibit to which my son wants to go is “The Lions!” – said with as much awe and anticipation as a three year old can muster. And once standing there in front of them, my children stood spellbound by the majestic creatures.

It’s unknown exactly how many big cats live their lives in captivity, but those in reputable zoos worldwide live out their days in vastly better conditions than many human beings! Their every need is met; top veterinarians of the world attend to their health; diet is researched, calculated, and delivered with consideration for times of year, stage of life, and individual preference; and even their minds are stimulated by carefully planned exhibits and exercise regimes. What more could any big cat want?

“Mum, does Santa visit the lions?”

I looked at my daughter and had to stifle the chuckle that threatened after an image of a sleigh pulled by numerous tasty reindeer and bearing a big man in a red suit popped into my head. (I suppose a whole lot of fresh meat would be considered a gift by the lions!) “Of course, sweetie,” I smiled. “Santa visits everyone who has been good – even the lions.”


But when we stopped for lunch, she pushed for proof and – thankfully – YouTube came to my rescue, providing me with this adorable video of big cats in zoos around the world enjoying their gifts that a very agile, (and lucky!), Santa has managed to provide. My daughter was satisfied and went on to begin writing a list of all of the toys she thought our cats would enjoy this Christmas, even going so far as to draw diagrams for Santa to show him where she’d like them placed to challenge our pets’ minds.

Enjoy this sweet video. See if you can spot the many familiar behaviors you’ll likely see in your pet cat this Christmas. Turns out they’re not so far removed from their big cat cousins after all![mashshare]

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