Scientists Create Calming Music For Cats – What Do The Cats Think?


“Music is Life.”  — This is what a lot of people say. Music promotes relaxation, focus and entertainment for people, but who would have thought that music can also be a good source of relief and relaxation for our cats? Scientists believe that have now developed a perfect cure for cats anxiousness … music.

So, how have scientists come up with this kind of music?

Firstly, they analyzed how cats vocalize. Cats use a lot of sliding frequencies, there is also music with a lot of sliding pitches. The music they chose is based on cats pitches, because they believe that just like people, cats will understand the music more if the music uses their language (or close to it).

The question is, does this music really help to promote calm and relaxation in your kitty? It seems so. It may not work all the time, but it seems to work a lot of the time. If your cat is nervous, anxious or even uncomfortable, go on YouTube or Spotify, and you will find a plethora of cat music. Try these out on your cat and see what happens. With a bit of perseverance, you might just find the right music for your fussy feline friend.


A lot of pet parents have already confirmed that this music really does give their cat the relaxation they need. Some also say that it is perfect for cat parents as well. So therefore, this music can also be effective for people, and not just for animals. When I asked my son to find and play one of these from YouTube, I found him 15 minutes later fast asleep next to the cat!

So next time you have a stressed-out cat, or perhaps when you are stressed-out because of your cat, then give it a go. Music can be one of the best ways for them (and us) to cope with it.

As I suggested, try listening to some of the cat music available, so you can hear for yourself how relaxing it can be. If nothing else, it might just put that rowdy teenager to sleep![mashshare]

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