Kitty Challenge: Walking On Aluminum. Can He Do It?


I saw this video and thought, ‘Here we go, another cat funny!’ My anticipation built as it loaded, my mind alive with a series of images, each funnier than the last. I imagined everything that we’ve come to expect from a cat funny – but this one left me disappointingly bored.

Let me break it down for you: Unbeknownst to the cat in the house, his owner is plotting against him. The owner has quality intel – “Fluffy is at the other end of the house. I repeat; Fluffy is at the other end of the house. Over” – thus confirming that the unsuspecting feline victim is nowhere in site. So, the owner sets to work covering their floorboards with an un-crossable river of aluminum! (Insert anticipation here) In time, his cat returns from its adventures in – well, wherever it was – to find it’s path has changed in look, feel, and smell. Oh, and what the?! It even makes a weird sound, too!

The cat, (being a cat), exercises caution, investigating his new-look route with extreme care and distrust. (Hey, don’t judge. I don’t know about you, but I’ve heard stories of Boogey Men materializing out of aluminum surfaces and attacking the nearest cat! LOL) So, puss takes it slow, wandering back and forth to satisfy himself that he truly is trapped. We’re finally at the moment we’ve all waited for; action! Hilarity! Funny cat! But it doesn’t come. The cat edges itself against the wall and proceeds to tiptoe across the aluminum sea to safety.

How could this stunt have failed? Well the truth is, that while cats don’t like weird surfaces, they’re completely capable of using them if it’s the only path to take. But why is it that this video doesn’t satisfy our want for a good belly laugh? Because there is nothing about a flat, stable aluminum surface to destabilize the cat. You see, cats have a remarkable sense of balance, but also, a sensible dose of caution. Put these two things together and their poking, prodding, and investigating will determine that the surface is quite safe – albeit, unusual.[mashshare]


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