If You Want A Cat – Here’s An Option You May Not Have Considered


We all love cats, right? (Well, I’m assuming that you love cats, otherwise you’ve landed on the wrong website!) They’re cute, and furry, (well, not ALL are furry, I suppose), and they’ve got those itty bitty “meows” that just drive our hearts crazy!

We have two cats and I’d be lying if I said that that I didn’t want more. After all, the only thing better than one cat, is MANY! But sadly, I’m not alone. My daughter shares my love of cats and together, we are trouble in the making. We were in a shop the other day and down the back were a litter of kittens for adoption. “Mom, I want to buy ‘Bear’. I love him. We have a connection” – a ‘connection’ forged through the bars of a cage, I might add *rolls eyes* – “Can we get him? I’d do anything!”

Now, for a brief moment, I was tempted. No! Not because the kitten was cute! It was the “I’d do anything!” part that had me fantasizing about my daughter actually doing as she was told for a change! LOL! But then reality kicked in, (let’s face it: she’s a 7 year old version of me. Things aren’t looking up from here LOL), and I kept my foot down with a firm “No”. After all, on occasion I actually appreciate that my husband tolerates my fur-kid collection, and I’d hate to push him too far LOL.

This carrying on from my daughter continued for a good few hours as she prattled on and on about how cute kittens are. Yes, they’re cute – we all know this. But they don’t stay that small forever.


But that got me thinking: what about fostering? Have you ever considered fostering an animal? It’s an incredibly rewarding experience where the pros most definitely outweigh the one and only con: you have to give them back at the end. Well, that’s if you don’t adopt it!

There are a multitude of quality welfare organizations, which become flooded with kittens and cats each year. They’re desperately seeking the help of foster families to love and care for these animals while they’re in rehabilitation, or waiting for their furrever homes.

If you think that you could help, please look up the animal welfare organizations in your area and have a chat. It could be just what you’ve been waiting for.[mashshare]

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