You’re Joking Right … Cats Liking A Bath?


Cats hate water. I know you. You know it. My neighbor knows it, (damn him!). It’s common knowledge, right. So, yeah, I’m not great when it comes to bathing my pets, I’ll admit it. Our dogs get a monthly scrub and even that is under duress – for me. But the cats? Well, they groom themselves, don’t they?

I’m an open book, so I’ll share my secret with you: I’ve bathed ONE of my cats twice in my life. He tolerated it. I wouldn’t say that he loved it, but he didn’t quite hate it. He just watched me with eyes that said, “You wait till you’re asleep…”

I take threats seriously. I now sleep with one eye open. *gasp*

But hold the phone! Is this cat for real? After watching this video I have hope for the future. (I don’t care if it’s a fool’s hope, peeps! Don’t burst my bubble.) Could it be that one day my cats mightn’t just tolerate the bath, but enjoy it?! *double gasp*


Tell me this little puss isn’t in sheer heaven? A neck massage, a back massage, a paw groom – is there anything else a kitty could want?

This cat puts mine, (and no doubt, many of yours), to shame, lapping up the attention like it’s no more than a cuddle on the couch. What I would give to have this cat. Goodness knows, it could teach our fur-kids a thing or two! I don’t know how these owners did it, but they did, and I’m mighty impressed.

What about you? Does your cat like the bath?[mashshare]

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