Cats And Dogs, Livin’ In Harmony … Is It Possible?


When I first introduced my two cats to my Labrador puppy they were beyond unhappy, for the first couple of days all they wanted to do was chase her around the yard. But fast forward to today and you will find them getting along just fine, one of them even sleeps in the same bed as the dog! So how did they get from there to here.

Many cat owners face the struggle of introducing their fussy felines to their other beloved pets, dogs in particular. The old stereotype goes that cats and dogs are sworn enemies, but what if it doesn’t have to be that way. Since so many cat lovers also have a love for dogs, why can’t we make sure that the two get along? Well it turns out we can.

After researching through various websites it seems as if there is a general consensus of how you should introduce your feline to your other beloved pet.

The first introductions must be supervised, though, making sure that you have some kind of control over both pets should things get out of hand. Never leave them alone to just work it out, that may not end too well.


You may want to first introduce the animals with one or both of them in their pet carriers, once both have been able to become acquainted and seem comfortable in each other’s presence you can then move on to the next step.

When you feel comfortable introducing them without pet carriers, make sure to hold your dog and allow your cat to approach and become acquainted, never hold your cat in this situation.

Keep these kinds of introductions going until both animals seem calm and are acting normally around each other.

While your feline may not be the best of friends with your other pet, the main thing is that they feel comfortable around one another and are about to share the same space without any major conflict, just like the two in this video by [mashshare]

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