See How This Cat Turns A Quick Snack Into A Fond Friendship


Cats love fish. It’s a common fact, right? Cats love fish. They love to watch them, they love to catch them, (and if MY cats are anything to go by) they LOVE to eat them.

It’s something we’ve all grown up knowing. It’s portrayed in cartoons, in movies, and when those of us are brave enough (or stupid enough!) to buy a fish bowl. Heck, there are even Apps available now to entertain our cats with fish in puddles!

In my spare time, (two words that are akin to blasphemy in my house!), I pursue a love of marine fish tanks. I love to sit and watch them for hours as the corals sway, the fish swim, and the other critters go about their business. Well, I’m not alone. Our cats share in my enthusiasm – albeit for vastly different reasons.

Our long-haired cat, Charlie’s, close encounter with our 120g aquarium saw him fall in – a loud “splash” followed by desperate scrambling and a wet “thwack!” as he fell to the floor and streaked from the room. Whilst we all erupted in fits of laughter, Charlie nursed his hurt pride and vowed never to walk along the top of the tank again. (A happy day for our very expensive fish!)


But what if cats and fish could become friends? What if a cat were able to cohabit with its fishy counterparts without considering them their next meal? Unlikely? Remotely possible? Fat chance? Well, this video came as a bit of a surprise, and filled my home with collective, “Awwwww!”s as I watched it with my children.

Perhaps there’s hope for feline/aquatic relationships, yet! Let’s just hope that this little kitty doesn’t try its luck with something bigger, though. That Angelfish looks hungry LOL.[mashshare]

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