This Video Will Show How Cats Are Little Angels … Or Not!


Now here is an entertaining video from Tiger Productions that I am sure you will enjoy. The thing that makes me laugh the most about the cats here are the antics they get up to.  It’s not so much that I am laughing at them but because they remind me so much of what my cat gets up to, I can’t help but chuckle as they carry out their evil ways.

I’m sure your cat(s) get up to similar mischief. Like when they see a roll of toilet paper and can’t help themselves but unravel and shred it all over the house. Or what about when they turn everything upside down, apparently looking for something … but does that something really exist?

What about that annoying habit of knocking over cups, glasses and so on, but only those ones that have got something it them – like water, coffee, red wine! … and if it’s not full glasses or cups, then they will find anything to knock over. It is almost like they knock these things over, and then just sit there and wait for our reaction.

It is inevitable, then whenever you have your attention focused on something else, like when you are reading a book, watching TV or even doing some work on your PC; your curious kitty will always find a way to get your attention back onto them.


Of course, we cannot ignore it when our cats start yowling. Well, they won’t let us forget. It is amazing, the volume that they can get coming out of their mouths. … and of course they do it in the middle of the night, don’t they?

I don’t want to give away too much more … you’ll have to watch the video. But you won’t be disappointed. It will put a smile on your dial.[mashshare]

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