Cats Keep Chasing It, And It Keeps Running Away, But Is It Really There?


Many Pet Parents use laser pointers to play with their cats. But, is a laser pointer a good toy to be using? Like anything used as a toy, if it is used in a safe way, then it can be lots of fun. Check out the video below to see a real novel way to use a laser pointer with your cat.

Laser Pointers are conveniently used by cat owners to entertain their cats. These pointers are really convenient because you can play with your cat and entertain them even without getting of the sofa. You’ll just point the laser on the wall or on the floor, start moving it around, and your cat will chase it wherever it goes. If you don’t want to go to even that much effort, try attaching it to your kitty’s head, just like in the video, and watch them amuse themselves.

But why are they chasing it? Unlike us humans, a cat doesn’t have such critical thinking skills to know that these red dots are actually untouchable. We all know that they are born hunters, and for them, these laser lights are considered to be prey, and as a hunter, they should chase it, catch it and then feast on it.

Are there any behavioral effects that we should know about in continuing to play this game? In a word, yes! It can have disastrous consequences for you if you are not careful. Cats are easily annoyed when they can’t catch their prey. Thus, if they can’t catch that red dot, in their frustration, cats may find something else to touch/jump on and maybe even break something.


How can I control this kind of situation? If you still love playing laser games with your cat, the best thing to do would be to give them some reward. This will signify a successful hunt. One example would be to put some cat snacks on the floor and then flash and lead the laser light to it so that via an obstacle course. After all the effort, they will be rewarded by finally “catching their prey”.

Warning about laser pointers. Never ever point a laser into a cat’s face/eyes. It could do irreparable damage to your cat’s eyesight. Remember, raising a cat is like raising a child. The method of fun and discipline will always be your choice. The effects of it will also be the product of those choices. As a responsible cat owner, we should have enough knowledge so that we can be aware of the effects of every playtime. Cats love playing with their pet parents, so, make sure to include a lot of healthy and responsible playtime with them. Catch that laser, kitty.[mashshare]

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3 years ago

I was warned against using a laser with my cat, so I didn’t but I love the tangible reward at the end of play! I think I will have to try it out! Thank you for the fabulous idea…