Cats’ Evil Plot To Rule The World … Fact Or Fiction?


Ahh the fearless warrior dog. The pride of its people, he puts the “Ahhhhhh!!” in AHHHH-MAAAHHHH-GAAAAAAWWWDDDD!!! He strikes fear in the hearts of postmen worldwide, and sends his reflection trembling with a single look. He is the ultimate in protector … but he’s afraid of the family cat??

Oh, dear! What does this mean for cat and dog relationships worldwide? Could the films be true? Could cats be plotting to take over the world, squishing the dogs into the ground under their soft, furry paws? Should we as humans be concerned??

I discussed my concerns with my German Shepherd and she assures me that there is nothing to fear; that whilst cats do indeed have fish-brained ideas to take over the world, there are dogs out there who will always protect us from their iron paws. I’ll admit relief, because whilst I love our cats dearly, I don’t fancy the idea of being forced to use litter trays, eat from the floor, or groom myself with my tongue.

But I was intrigued. Why then do these dogs cower from the cats in their family? What sort of feline mind powers are at play? My dog went on to explain the extremes that a cat will go to to control the dog in their home; “They will swipe, and scratch. Bite, and terrorize. But worse, far worse – they threaten to tell a dog’s friends about its weakness for cat food!” (And we all know how cruel kids – I mean, DOGS – can be in the playground – I mean, off-lead park.


It all made sense; these poor pooches are under the claw, and in a big way! No wonder they sit and shy from the dictator who blocks their path. These dogs have been cat-mailed![mashshare]

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