You Won’t Believe How These Cats Are Totally In Control


I’m sure you’ve been there – arrive somewhere only to be met with an empty reception desk. It might be a hotel, your doctor’s office or any other place that has a reception counter – supposedly to greet you when you arrive.

Never fear, there is a desk bell. It’s universal meaning draws you towards it so that you can tap it and expect to see someone come running. Right?

Or maybe, it’s a race and the bell is a way to trigger to competitors to “Go!” Or, maybe, if you get to the finish line first, it is your indicator that you are the winner.

These types of bells have made their way into society and have become used for a variety of purposes. Sometimes, you get people who like to constantly hit the bell, just to hear that continuous dinging. They are the people that, as a Receptionist, you want to quietly strangle 🙂 for being so dinging annoying!


However, these cats in the video have taken the meaning of that “Ding” to a whole new level. It is very impressive to see how they have learnt that by simply dinging that bell, their pet parent responds in exactly the right way.

Check out the video and see for yourself how these cats have their pet parent wrapped around their little … ah, claw.[mashshare]

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