5 Reasons Behind A Cat’s Sleeping Habits That Most People Don’t Know About


A cat masters the art of sleeping. They can sleep at any place, at any time and during any other events or circumstances. We can’t deny the fact that cats are adorable and active when they are wide awake but when they sleep, it seems like it’s forever.

We really do love playing with them most of the time, but unfortunately, they sleep, MOST OF THE TIME. So, why do cats sleep so much?

Cats are crepuscular. They tend to sleep all day and are awake during the night. For average cats or those cats who are 1-10 years of age, they can sleep for almost 16 hours a day and for kittens and senior cats, they can sleep at a surprising range of 16-20 hours a day. Sleeping is their way of storing energy in order to hunt and catch prey at night.

Snoozy Cats. You could easily believe that cats are in a deep sleep every single time but, no, they’re not. Even when they’re sleeping, about 3 quarters of it is just snoozing; meaning they are still alert and half awake. You can simply tell when a cat is in a light mode of sleeping when they react to some sort of noise or movement. Some of the reactions are simply ear twitches and partially opening its eyes. Even if cats are sitting, or even standing, they can still snooze enough to restore their energy. Cats won’t be called the masters of sleeping for nothing right?


Cats and their Nap Time. Cats can adjust to their owner’s way of living. Surprisingly, they can adapt to the way they should. They can adjust their nap times and eating time. As mentioned, cats sleep more during the day to spend the night catching their prey, and as for domesticated cats, their sleeping hours are much higher than those of their wild cousins, because they don’t even have to bother looking for food.

Cats adjust their sleep times/play times to their owner. They might sleep a lot but when it’s playtime with their pet parents, they become a ball of energy.

Rain, Rain Go Away. Most cats hate water. However, rainy days are a sleep bonanza for cats. That cold breeze and the silence of rain make them a lot sleepier. During a rainy day, treat your cat to some warm milk and a soft cushion and watch them take their nap time to the fullest. Some say that the search for nap time depends on its breed and overall health. Even the most active breed of cat will surely look for its nap time during the colder days.

Health Benefits. Of course, even for animals, sleeping is healthy. We should sleep more in order for our bodies to develop well. The same goes for cats too. Cats also need to store energy in order to hunt and even play with us. However, be aware of risky habits. Their habit of sleeping may not be good for you; especially if you let them sleep in your bed. If you have allergies, asthma or a cold, cats could trigger an unpleasant attack.

Get to know your cat’s “normal” sleeping pattern. A change in this pattern – too much or even too little – could be a sign of weakness or illness. Contact an expert if you see a change in its sleeping cycle. Do the masters of sleep a huge favor, with a yummy bowl of milk and a comfortable place to curl up, and watch them snooze their way into dreamland.[mashshare]

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