Litter Boxes – Your Kitty Is Spoilt For Choice


There are so many different types of litter boxes on the market that it’s impossible to know if you’re buying the right one! Over the years I have used several; a hooded box, a standard non-hooded tray, a Roll’n Clean, a double base draining tray – even a Litter Kwitter! I’ve had mixed results across the board and sadly it’s too often a case of “try it and see”. Cat’s can be picky little creatures, and what may suit mine, mightn’t suit yours. But nonetheless, I thought that I would run through some of the available options with you.

The standard litter box: These are the ones that you will find everywhere – including the local grocery store. They’re around 20” x 12”, and around 2-3” deep. They can fit a good quantity of litter, however, you will often find more litter scattered around the outside thanks to your cat’s burial efforts!

My cats use these litter trays as their preferred beds, believe it or not! So in these, I have small blankets, and our cats cuddle up in these each night.

Hooded litter box: Hooded litter boxes are great option to trial for your pet. They contain the litter, so resolve a lot of mess issues that normally come with litter boxes. The only thing to bear in mind is the size of your cat, (be sure to select a box which is a comfortable size for your pet. Imagine trying to squeeze yourself into a child-sized potty when you’re a full-grown adult!), so be sure to select an appropriately sized box. Your cat should be able to turn around in it comfortably.


Toilet training aids: Imagine going to the bathroom intent to use the toilet, only to find that your cat got their first and you have to wait your turn! This is what toilet training aids promise; no more litter; no more mess. Sounds appealing, right? The only downside is that you have to train your cat over a period of weeks to use the training aid, and then over time, move them to the toilet. This can be done with a lot of patience, but if you’re not up for time and accidents, then the dream of no more litter is probably not for you. When your kitty “misses” the litter box and pees somewhere undesirable, there is a solution.
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Gimmick litter boxes: You all know what I mean by these ones – they’re everywhere! Ones that clean themselves, ones that you turn over to collect the mess, ones that wipe your cat’s paws…. The list goes on! Some of these work brilliantly. Others, not so much. Annoyingly, the only way to know if it will work for your pets and your home is to make the purchase – but this can be a costly exercise. Take some time to do some research before you commit, watching videos where possible. Time spent researching now could save you wasted dollars down the line.

There are a myriad of litter box options out there. The most important thing is that it’s large enough for your cat/s, and that it suits your family’s needs. Bear these two things in mind, and you can’t go wrong 🙂 Check out this video from Ezvid Wiki which lists the top 10 options for litter boxes.[mashshare]

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