4 Reasons Why Cats Seem To Be So Clingy To Their Pet Parents And What They Are Really Thinking?


Hey, watch the video below and see how cute this cat is. She tries to follow her pet parent in every move. How cute is it to see your pets doing something like this and they are probably wondering; “What on earth is this person doing?”

Cats are one of the clingiest pets of all time. If they could talk, they might tell you how much they love you, with stuff like; “Wherever you go, I go.” “You eat, I eat.” “You bath … go ahead; I’ll be on the couch.” Of course, each cat may be a little different, but cats will always be cats. They love their owners unconditionally, even though, in some cases, just like how Garfield and Felix treat their owner, sometimes love hurts.

Morning Routine. “Good morning my owner, where’s my breakfast?” or maybe it’s more like “Wake up Owner and get me my breakfast … now” If only cats can talk, maybe this is the first thing they will say to us. Cats can be an instant alarm clock for every owner. They can either wake you up in a bad way or in a good way. They can smooch their furry tails to your face or scratch your face to death. Either way, there is only one good reason for them to do that, and that is, “Prepare my food please”

Lunch time Kitty. Cats love to eat! Lunchtime can be one of the best times for your kitty but the worst time for you. Eating with your kitty can be a magical experience. They use their mesmerizing power of attraction to get you to give them your food; or when you are not looking, or maybe walk away – magic! Your lunch has disappeared. Either way, you still lose. Cats will always win your heart, and your lunch.


No sleep policy. Pet Parents have no right to sleep especially when the cat is awake. When you try to sleep, and your cat wants your attention, they will attack you in some way, or knock something over, making noise. The result? You got it right, you began to lose interest in sleeping because you know that your cat won’t stop until you give them the attention they are seeking. Cats usually disturb their owners for some important reason like; “Hey get up and feed me” or “It’s time to play”. One solution to this human problem is SLEEP WHEN YOUR CAT IS SLEEPING.

You are Mine … and Mine Only. Cats are very clingy, and because of that, they tend to become so jealous when someone has your attention. You’ll notice that when you are petting other pets, playing or cuddling with a baby or even on your mobile phone, your cat will do whatever it can to get in your way. I’m not saying that all cats behave this way, but, this is a natural reaction of a very clingy cat when seeing their owner giving their attention to someone or somewhere else.

Cats are very sweet. They’ll rub their bodies on your legs every time they see you, they purr when you touch them and most especially, they lick you like a kind of treasure. Many of us think that we own our cats, but what is probably more likely to be the case is, our CATS OWN US. Beware of their deadly stare because it can only mean one think, “FEED ME” or “RUN – I am about to attack!”.[mashshare]

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