What Are We Doing To Our Cats For The Sake Of Fun … And Could It Be Harmful?


We all love eating cold treats especially ice cream. But what about that brain freeze? That’s too painful. The facial expression you make when having brain freeze might be fun and hilarious to watch but not to experience.

The Internet is now spreading videos about owners sharing ice cream with their cats who then end up getting a brain freeze. The video below has over 1,500,000 views. It wouldn’t surprise me if some people actually went out and tried this experiment on their cats. This might be fun to watch, but seeing the look on those poor little cat’s faces; I don’t think they’re having much fun. So we thought we’d look more closely at this painful experience, and explore whether having a brain freeze is dangerous for your cat?

Dwayne Godwin, a Neuroscientist at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, N.C., stated that brain freeze and its effects haven’t been studied on humans broadly. But he did explain how it happens.

The cold temperature causes a rapid change in the diameter of the anterior cerebral artery. The anterior cerebral artery is one of the arteries that sends blood to the brain. “The brain itself doesn’t have pain receptors, so the pain signal may be coming from the meninges, the protective covering of the brain.”  Said Dr.Godwin.


In other cases like cats, this may not be that different. Veterinarians from all over the world started studying its effect on different animals, like cats. Also, some experts claim that having multiple brain freeze experiences can cause a regular migraine. This might be true for our cats as well so be careful.

Another debate going on around all of this is simply around giving cats human food like ice cream. Some veterinarians say that it isn’t bad to give some human treats for your cats and they do understand why people do such things. They know that some people feed their cat the same food they eat on the table because they feel bad for cats who eats the same type of cat food every day.

Giving them ice cream won’t be a bad thing as long as you control the amount given. The number of calories a human needs for a day is much more different from the calories needed by a cat. The recommendation is to give them no more than a tablespoon per day. The biggest concern with cats though, is that cats can be at risk of having lactose intolerance, high blood sugar, high cholesterol and brain freeze.

We can’t judge some pet owners who try to experiment with their pets in the name of fun. But, we also need to remind them to be mindful of the possible effects that a cat might go through just for the satisfaction of their joy. Brain freeze for cats can be as harmful as how it affects a human. Imagine your cat having a migraine, that might be torture for them. Once again, this behavior comes down to owner responsibility so be mindful of your actions.[mashshare]

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