This Is One Cool Way To Let Your Indoors Cat Have Fun Outdoors


As far back as I can remember I have always had an issue with cats roaming the streets. I took offence to other peoples’ pets pooping in my yard; I got upset each time I found a native bird gutted along the bike path. Now years later, after spending eight years as a Veterinarian Nurse, I have more reasons than ever to keep my babies inside. (I write as my girl, Emerald, smooches at my arm affectionately.)

Did you know that keeping your cats inside helps them to live longer? Think about it: no cat fights, no abscesses, no unwanted pregnancies, no cranky neighbors …. The list of benefits goes on.

But, understandably, some owners like their cats to have the freedom of the outdoors. They like their cat having access to fresh air, sunshine, insects, and the natural wonders of the world. So how do we provide the benefits of outside whilst keeping your pet safe?

The answer: cat enclosures.


Cat enclosures have come a long way since they first hit the market many years ago. Back then, they were often adapted bird aviaries, with little consideration given to the cats that would use them. But nowadays they’re made of a cat-safe mesh with zippers, shelves, climbing trees, and hammocks – even specially designed air bridges, which connect the enclosure back to the house.

These enclosures are more affordable than ever, offering a safe environment for your cat at wallet friendly prices. They can be sourced through veterinarian clinics, pet shops, and animal shelters, and even online. But better still, you can buy the mesh and other items to DIY!

Check out this DIY cat enclosure in the video and see these cats having a ball in their enclosure. They’re enjoying the outdoors, but most of all, they’re safe. Wouldn’t you rather know that your cat will be home tonight?[mashshare]

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