6 Cool And Interesting Ways To Entertain Your Cat That Many Pet Parents Forget About


Cats love to play with their owners. Even if they sleep for almost 16 hours a day, playing with you will still mean a lot to them. Check out the video and see how much fun these cats and kittens are having with a simple ball of yarn.

There are a number of ways to keep your furry friend occupied and keep you amused at the same time. Here are 6 ways you can play with your little furry buddies.

Cuddle time. Probably one of the simplest ways to spend time with them is by cuddling them. Petting them and spending some time effectively relaxes your cat and improves your relationship with them.

Ball of Yarn. Just like in the video, endless hours of fun can be had watching you cat try and figure out this amazing toy! Be careful though, make sure you purchase this classic toy from a pet store. Ensure that it is cat-friendly. There is a specific yarn ball that your cats can play with. It doesn’t contain loose fibres and strips of thread that can end up causing a blockage and/or choke your cat.


Roll a ball. As a more friendly alternative to a ball of yarn, is simply to give them a ball. Cats love chasing things. As a predator, they see a moving ball as one of their potential prey. Entertain your cats by rolling a small ball, and watch them chase it all the way around the room. Just be careful that your cat does not roll it somewhere where they might knock something over making a mess.

Laser Teaser. Who doesn’t love playing laser with cats? Playing laser with them can be fun for you and your cat. They love chasing laser lights. The red light from the laser appears to be alive. Your cat becomes so enthralled on how it moves in different directions. Once again, cats tend to view the moving light as possible prey, so as a predator, they try to catch it. Laser pointers should never be pointed at your cat’s face. If it happens to get in their eyes it could cause irreparable damage, so be very careful.

Toy car. Cats love to move things then chase it again. A simple toy car that can freely move around the floor is another great thing for cats to play with. Just make sure that it doesn’t have any small parts that can come off during play that could choke them.

Mouse toys. Having a toy mouse for your cat to chase and chew, is once again appealing to their predatory instincts. Here is yet another form of potential prey from them to get hold of. My cat seems to play for hours with his toy mouse, which gives me time to do my own thing without my furry friend “helping” me.

Giving your cat a toy is a wonderful way to keep them entertained. Just be mindful in choosing the right toy for your cat. Make sure you keep their safety in mind. Do your research and buy the toy from a reputable pet store.

As a cat lady once said, “My cat can chew his toy, or even scratch that scratching pole for a thousand times a day, as long as it isn’t my pillow, couch, and most especially, me.”[mashshare]

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