Could We Be Killing Our Cats?


Over thousands of years, cats (along with many other “obligate carnivores”), have developed digestive systems specific to a raw meat ONLY diet. They cannot produce amino acids and vitamins as us omnivores do. For example, where a human or dog can produce Vitamin A from the use of beta-carotene, cats must ingest it in its pre-formed state: aka, they must consume it in Vitamin A form in the meat of an animal that HAS produced it. Some of the  vitamins cats require daily – critically –  are almost exclusively found in the flesh of other animals.

Cats were born to eat raw meat and raw meat only. In fact, did you know that cats have been found to have the shortest digestive tracts per body size when compared to almost any mammal on the planet? This is because raw meat is highly digestible and evolution has seen fit to “cut the fat”; reducing their gut length over hundreds of generations to the length required for their exclusive raw meat diet.

To really hit this home, let’s look at other obligate carnivores. They include snakes, eagles, and dolphins. Now let’s imagine for a moment that we took a bowl of grains and plant matter to an eagle for her to feed her fledglings. Are you pulling stupid faces at me? It’s unheard of, right? What a ridiculous notion. They’re obligate carnivores; they can’t survive on grains and plant materials.


Well, the very same goes for our cats, so why would we treat them differently?[mashshare]

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