Crazy For Me Means You’re Crazy For Cats … Or Else!


#4 Thou shalt NOT …

Complain of smell.

Consider yourself fortunate enough to have a new selection of gifts open to you now that you’re dating someone with seventeen cats. Things like automated litter boxes, cat trees, and bags of food are usually adored by us feline fanatics.


So thank the cat and it’s stinky butt. You’ve just hit oil!

#5 Thou shalt NOT …

Complain of cat hair.

Really? You’re seriously considering opening that underserving mouth of yours to whinge that this beautiful creature has left you something with which you can remember it by? Umm, first world problems!!

#6 Thou shalt NOT …

Complain of allergies.

Seriously. No – dude. Seriously. You knew what you were getting yourself into when you agreed to come over for dinner. Don’t start this crap about childhood allergies. I don’t CARE if you need an epi-pen because my cat breathed on you! Suck it up! This cat is – and always will be – our number one. You could be going into cardiac arrest, but if Floofy needs a scratch on the chin, call your own darn ambulance.

Don’t delude yourself with dreams of the cat living out in the cold while you move your arse on in! Nuh-ah! You will always be second – period. (Or third, or forth … Depends how many cats spend their days at the residence in question.)

So, there you go. I hope that you’re feeling enlightened, empowered, and ready to make your mark the world of Cat Cray! After all, life’s more fun when you’re crazy – for cats ;)[mashshare]

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