3 Reasons Why Cuddling Your Cat Is The Best Way To Prevent Stress


Cats are like people, they can be a little stressed from time to time. It may be caused by being hungry; illness or they’re just tired. Just like us, one of the best ways to prevent a cat’s stress is to leave it alone to chill out, to play with it or by cuddling it.

Most of us know that boxes are the comfort zone of any cat and sleeping is their best way to leave reality but, just like a person, cats also needs to be cuddled once in a while. So, why is cuddling considered to be the best way?

Firstly, cats love to be petted. Know how to pet your cat properly. Watch the video and see how relaxed the cat is with some very gentle strokes from their pet parent. It may be a small deal for you, but for them, it means a lot. You won’t even notice it but your cats can easily be relaxed and even fall asleep while being petted by their owners. Listen to them purr every time you touch them and when you stroke them – especially around the ears and chin. Petting them is a bit like a massage, it can make them calm down and be relaxed. Be aware though, unlike dogs, cats generally do not like a belly rub. Avoid touching their belly to keep from being scratched to death.

Secondly, it makes them trust you more. Petting and cuddling your little kitties can make them trust you more. Of course, the first time you try to cuddle them, it may be painful and hard because they might bite or scratch you due to their lack of trust. They think that you are going to hurt them in some way. But, eventually, you’ll see that they will start to be even more relaxed. It means that they become less defensive of you.


… and third; cuddling your kitty can make you feel less stressed as well. Petting and cuddling our cats makes us feel happy and more relaxed. Cats are a perfect stress reliever for us. Hearing them purr while we touch them, and seeing how clingy they are gives us a feeling of joy. When we are relaxed, the cat senses this and also becomes relaxed as they feel that they are in a stress-free environment. Everybody is happy!

Now you can see how cuddling can be beneficial for both you and your cat. Petting your kitty once in a while can develop a nice and strong relationship with them. Always spend some cuddle time with your cat. Love your furry feline friends. Cuddle and see the difference.[mashshare]

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