Curious Kitty, Clumsy Kitty or Conniving Kitty. What Is The One Cat Behavior That Drives Their Pet Parents Mad?


One of the most annoying behaviors of cats is their seemingly innate ability to knock things, push things, and even end up breaking things as they come crashing to the floor. Check out the video – some of these cats look like they are doing it on purpose!

It’s a cat owner’s worst nightmare after hearing that ominous crash, that Kitty has knocked over grandma’s antique glass vase and it has come to a crashing end on the floor; water, glass and flowers strewn everywhere.

So what’s the attraction?  Are they simply being curious or are they just plain clumsy? Maybe, for some reason they are doing it on purpose!

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying – “curiosity killed the cat!” Well, we can say that it is true because one of the best reasons why cats love to knock things over is because they are curious. They want to know what will happen if they push that thing or try to climb on it. Unfortunately, the curiosity in this case does not kill the cat, but may kill one of our treasured possessions.


Cats love to climb. While they are walking along, maybe on a table or cupboard, and they come across some object, rather than walk around it, they will try and climb it to either get over it, or simply to be up higher. They didn’t know that this thing cannot hold their weight and just topples over when they lean on it.

Another thing to remember is that cats are hunters, and as a hunter, they love searching for and playing with their prey. Around the home, the way on object catches the light or moves in the breeze from a fan or air cooler, gets their attention. It give them an excuse to practice their hunting skills.

I know it’s annoying, but there is probably a reason why cats seem to always knock things over. Maybe us cat parents, need to take some responsibility and cat-proof our house, just like we would child-proof our house when we have babies and small children, to keep both them and our possessions safe. Give them a cat toy, ball, a box or anything, so long as it isn’t one of your valuable things.[mashshare]

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