Here’s Your Free Daily 5 Minute Cat Health Check


My phone has just lit up with a reminder; my kitties – I mean, miniature lions – are due for their annual check up and shots. (Great. Time to get out the gloves and the earplugs! LOL!)

We all know what’s involved in these 15 minute visits: take their temperature, check their teeth, look in their eyes, give them a jab, and whack us with a nice little bill at the end of the visit with a stamp of “See you next year!” in the record book. I don’t know about you, but I think I’d be rasping at the doctor from my deathbed if I went only once a year! An “Annual Booster” is a given, but surely it’s not enough to only check the health of our babies’ once a year – is it? The answer is, “No”. We should be checking these things every day as part of our daily petting routine.

So what are the things that we should be looking for when we’re playing with our cats each day? Here is a comprehensive list of things that can easily be added to your daily routine while simply observing and petting your puss:

Behavior: Is your cat behaving as they normally would? They should be alert, sociable, curious, and non-aggressive. (Well, those who are normally, LOL. If your cat is a hater in general, but suddenly accepts affection, you should consider this abnormal behavior and look for more signs from the below list.)


Mobility: Your cat should be moving as normal; no limps, stiffness, difficulties jumping or climbing etc.

Coat: This should be thick, sleek, clean, and free of parasites, bald spots or matts.

Skin: There should be no wounds, scabs, inflammations or other injuries or signs of illness.

Body: Your cat should appear to have its normal body condition. Run your hands across its body when you pet it. Is it bulging or sunken? Or does it feel in proportion and normal?

Eyes: Your cat’s eyes should always be clear, bright, and alert, with no discharge or abnormally colored or inflamed areas.

Ears: These should always be clean, and most importantly, free of smell. If there is a smell or discharge, your cat should be seen to.[mashshare]

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