2 Great Ways To Help Your Cats With Their Rotten Breath That Are So Easy To Do


Ever been hit in the face with a puff of stinky, rotten cat breath? No, no, no. I don’t mean the, “Damn, cat! What have you been eating?!” I mean the, “OMG, I’M GOING TO DIE!!” screaming through your head as you lose consciousness in a plume of stench.

In most cases, (thankfully!), most of us “slaves” don’t have to suffer this until our feline “masters” move into their twilight years. But if your cat suffers from illnesses such as gum disease (Gingivitis), or has poor oral hygiene, you will be one of the few who endure this issue daily.

I have experienced this first hand; I had a Tonkinese named Indi. She was a chocolate point who had contracted Cat Flu at 8wks old prior to vaccination. A common side effect of Cat Flu is an ongoing predisposition to Gingivitis. This in itself is somewhat bearable, but Indi loved to play catch – and she loved mouthing the toys even more. The gag-inducing smell was horrid, and ridding it from the pores in my hands seemed to take an eternity. But from this most unpleasant experience came some beneficial lessons regarding feline oral hygiene.

There is help at hand! (Or should I say, “at paw”?)


Were you aware that it is safe, in fact ENCOURAGED, to give your cat bones just as you would a dog? Cat’s (generally) love fresh meat and bones, and for the right size, you should consider chicken necks. They’re readily available at most supermarkets or delis, and are cost effective.

If your cat is allowed outdoors, you can give this to them at any time, but if your cat lives indoors, contained tiled areas such as the restroom make for an easy-to-clean option.

Not a fan of fresh meat? Not a problem. There are many feline dental care treats on the market. Be sure to have a look when you’re next purchasing goods for your fur-baby.

The repeated chewing/rubbing of your cat’s teeth against the bones or purpose-made treat simulates a brushing motion, helping to remove tartar and other unwanted items from both the tooth’s surface, and in between. This helps to keep their mouth clean, their gums healthy, and their teeth free from decay. All of these things together not only save you money on visits to the veterinarian, but help your cat maintain fresher breath.

So add some bones and dental treats to your shopping list. Your nose will thank you!

If you are feeling adventurous, you can try brushing your cat’s teeth – check out this video which shows you the best techniques.[mashshare]

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