Turn Any Old Thing Into A Toy For Kitty


It important that cats are not only exercised, but mentally stimulated also. In the wild, a cat exercises its brain by strategizing routes through “enemy” territories, interpreting scents, interacting with other cats, and hunting and stalking its prey. They are intelligent creatures by necessity, and although they often like to play aloof, there’s a whole lot of brain just waiting to be busied with the next interesting thing! But sadly, those who are left to become bored out of their furry little minds are known to develop behavioral issues as a result.

So how do we tackle it? Thankfully for our fur-babies, we want the best for our kitties. We spend endless amounts of time cuddling them, grooming them, and playing with them, right? But did you know that this can all be done on a budget? Our homes and offices are filled with an array of items that can be turned into the best of cat toys and we don’t even know it! We overlook the simple things in favor of the “pretties” that we see at the stores. This means: we spend more money. This means: we need more money. This means: we need to spend more time at work and away from our precious cats!

*Insert collective gasp of horror here*

But fear not, my kindred kitty friends! Help is at hand! I have performed an online rummage to uncover step-by-step videos for cheap, and easy toys that your cats will love.


Using readily available items such as cardboard, yarn, feathers or ribbons, balls, and catnip, you can produce a multitude of toys that your cat/s will love, and better yet, thanks to their negligible costs, you’ll always have spares close at hand! Have a peek at the video below for balls, teaser sticks, and more.

And it doesn’t stop there. There are HEAPS of free tutorials online! You can find videos for toy mice, to scratching trees; hammocks to igloos! You name it, and someone has made it. So don’t just sit there. Get creating today. Your cat will love you for it.[mashshare]

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